Preparing for a move

The key to preparing for a successful move is easy: start early and stay organized. Choose a moving company four to six weeks in advance and make sure they’ll provide you with guidance and support. A good moving company will help you through every step of the process and explain how to prepare– everything from answering questions about taking a proper inventory to advising about proper packing techniques.


Take the following steps yourself to prepare for a better move:

  • Take an inventory of your possessions: Give yourself an ample amount of time to sort through all of your possessions and divide them into three categories: items to be handled by the moving company, items to be moved by yourself, and items to be thrown away or donated. Make a list and go over it with your moving company.


  • Order your boxes and moving supplies early: Based on the inventory you’ve taken, order boxes from your moving company. Movers usually provide boxes that are specially designed for specific purposes, so make sure that you’re using boxes that are the right size and strength for the job.


  • Pack slowly and carefully: Take the time to pack your belongings and wrap each fragile item individually with newspaper or bubble wrap. Put the heavier items on the bottom and make sure that the boxes aren’t too heavy to carry. Clearly label every box with its contents and use lots of tape to make sure the boxes stay closed and intact.


  • Start with what you don’t use: When you begin packing, start with the items you won’t immediately need, such as your DVD collection, books, or your finest china. Make sure that you set aside all the essentials and if they need to packed, keep them for last.


  • Keep the essentials accessible: Pack a suitcase or bag with the items you’ll need during your move and carry it with you. It’s also a good idea to designate an “open me first” box that will hold the possessions you’ll most immediately need in your new place such as disposable plates, toiletries, and towels.


  • Make notifications about your change of address: Contact the U.S. Postal Office to change your address and arrange to have all mail forwarded to your new residence. Give yourself plenty of time to also call your utility company, cable and internet provider, credit card company, bank, and newspaper subscription to notify them about your upcoming move and change of address.

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"I recently moved with Better Move, and I can honestly say it was a great experience. The movers came early, which wasn't a problem. Also, I actually met someone from the corporate office once I arrived at my new place. They setup my things easily, and made the transition a quick one for me. They really do try to give you the most stress free move they can. Thank You Better Move!!" (May, 2012)
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