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Finding boxes is the last thing you should worry about when preparing for a big move. As part of our commitment to make your move simple and stress-free, we provide a large variety of tailored moving boxes for objects of any size. For your convenience, we’ll deliver the boxes you need directly to your door to help make your moving preparation as easy as possible.


Our heavy-duty boxes are double-corrugated to ensure that your items stay protected and safe during the big move. To help you stay organized, we’ll also provide printable labels that you can attach to your boxes.

Our wide variety of boxes suit items of different shapes and sizes:


  • Book boxes: perfect for objects that are small but heavy, like books or DVDs


  • Linen boxes: available in a wide variety of sizes and designed for clothes, blankets, toys, appliances, and other non-breakables


  • China dish boxes: heavy-duty and double-walled to keep your dishes, glasses, and chinaware safe


  • Wardrobe boxes: just like a portable closet, this box stands upright and includes a pole where you can hang your clothing


  • Electronic boxes: designed to protect your electronic and stereo equipment


  • File boxes: keep your documents and paperwork safe


  • Lamp boxes: fits most standard sized lamps


  • Picture/mirror boxes: keeps flat and fragile items such as mirrors, glass tops, and paintings safe in a strong and compact box


  • TV boxes: ideal to protect your TV, microwave, stereo equipment, computer monitor, and other large fragile items


Providing and delivering the boxes you need straight to your doorstep is just one of the many ways we can help to give you a better move!

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"I used Better Move and couldn’t have asked for a better moving service. They were so accommodating, reliable, and efficient. I will definitely be calling them again when I move in the future!" (January 2011)
James Harris, Manhattan, NY
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